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Dr. Donna Jovanovich

Suna Associates, LLC is a women-owned, small business providing research, assessment, and evaluation services. Suna Associates, LLC has experience in developing and administering surveys, conducting focus groups, interviewing key stakeholders, reviewing documents, preparing comprehensive formative and summative reports, and presenting findings to various audiences. Suna has extensive experience in developing, implementing, and carrying out evaluations from the grant-writing phase through the final reporting. In addition, they

perform literature reviews, conduct research, run statistical analyses, work with large databases, and create prediction models.

The principals in the company, Dr. Donna Jovanovich and Dr. Susan McKelvey, have over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, research, assessment, and evaluation. They have worked with non-profit organizations, community colleges, four-year institutions, and K-12 school systems. Evaluations performed have included art education, adult learning, training programs, career pathways, mentoring programs, and teacher preparation.

They are also members of the American Evaluation Association and use its guiding principles to inform their work. The values of the American Evaluation Association aim for high quality, culturally responsive, and transparent evaluations.

Dr. Susan McKelvey



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